2015 Corn & Soybeans BULLETIN REVIEW 



To describe how was the 2015 Grains Bulletin, one chart is worth 1000 words:

2015 Soybeans Forecast VS Chart - PFS

The PFS Forecast model was made in October 2014, and it is unbelievable how it was able to suggest always the most important trends over the year. And we have not been just lucky, because our forecast was great also in the 2014 Grains Bulletin.

You have now the opportunity to judge by yourself if it can be worth to subscribe the new 2016 Grains Bulletin, available soon, you can have the opportunity to know in advance which trend to follow with a very high probability of success, because good profits are always made following the main trend.
This is what I wrote in the 2015 Grains Bulletin in October 2014, Soybeans section:

January should be a weak or sideways month, no important movements, I would stay FLAT.
• If we see a strong up movement in January, the Market should push down immediately in February. Plus, if we do see a quite strong up push in January, it is probable that we will see a quite negative trend over the year.
• The best moment to buy should be in February, where the PFS suggests to buy at the end of February, but the uptrend could start even before that. We will pay attention to it following the most important prices over the year.
• So, the uptrend should start in February and March/April should be months where we see higher levels.
• An intermediate High arrives in the second half of March or in April.
• Then down into May. May should be a Low and a strong buying opportunity for quite a strong up movement that should lead Soybeans into the Summer.
• After this uptrend, Soybeans does a High between June and August. It’s not easy at the moment to be more precise, let’s say that I would prefer to see the High in June/July and the downtrend should start in July. At the moment it looks to be the best month to open SHORT positions.
• The new downtrend from July should push down till October/November, where a new bottom phase is expected, with low volatility.
• In November we should see also the beginning of a new little uptrend till the end of the year.

Reading the comment, you can see it was not easy between February and April, where I was expecting an up push that never arrived, but then we were expecting a descent from April till May and then strong up... and everything was just perfect, like the top in July and the descent till October.





The Corn section was similar, considering these two Markets move usually in a similar way. Here you can see as well how the forecast we made one year in advance was great, reading what we said in October 2014:

The first buy opportunity is, in my opinion, in February, where a new uptrend should start.
• The uptrend can work till March or April, where a new descent or sideways phase can start till May.
• May should be a new buying opportunity, above all if it turns out to be a Low. The up push from May should last till July, a possible High. The High can be done also in June or August, but July is my favorite month.
• From July a new downtrend should start, working till autumn…

Read with attention what I said and look at the Market, you will find out how the forecast was just perfect!

2015 Corn Forecast VS Chart - PFS

You have your eyes to judge by yourself our work and its results. We provide every Bulletin one year in advance, you can see the review of our 2014 Corn & Soybean Bulletin, to make you realize how consistent is our work.
We also send every 3 months (more or less, depending on the Market) updates about the Market and the prices we are monitoring to open or close positions.

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