Futures Daily Report Service – Premium

Daily Report Service - All Inclusive

Daily Report every day

A detailed strategy every day

For professional traders, the Daily Report provides the real strategy we use with intraday charts to trade Futures, the same strategy we are using since 2012 that produced the performance you can see in the Trades Record File.

Weekly Report Service Included

A deep analysis on each Market

We cover several Futures Markets. The Weekly Report provides analysis, general strategy and how we are planning to make profits. We cover NINE Futures Markets (S&P500, 30Y T-Bonds, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Soybeans, Corn, Wheat and Live Cattle), plus the DAX 30 and the S&P-ASX 200 Indexes.

Screen Sharing LIVE trading

Follow our strategy LIVE

An amazing service that shows you the reality! Every day, we share our monitors with all the trades we place, in real-time. The strategy is LIVE, accessable all day long during the Daily Session. You will be able to see the market movements in real time. A unique service you cannot find anywhere.

Trades Record since 2012

The performance is in terms of POINTS per FUTURE CONTRACT using the precise strategy provided in the Daily Report.

What does the Daily Report Include?Details of what is included in the Futures Daily Report Service


The Daily Report is a PDF document on a daily basis with the precise strategy for the day. The strategy is mainly based on the 5-minute chart, but it does not mean we close the position before the end of the day (you will receive a document explaining the rules to completely understand the strategy and how to use it). Our purpose is to keep the losses as low as we can, and let the position to run when in profit. This is how we make profits over the last years, and you can see it from our Trades Record, where we have several little losses, but always bigger profits in the end.

The Daily Report covers, right now, eight Futures Markets:

  • E-Mini S&P500
  • US 30 Year T-Bonds
  • Corn
  • Soybeans
  • Wheat
  • Crude Oil
  • Live Cattle
  • Gold




The Weekly Report is a deep analysis with Charts, Price Map studies and Forecasts about the scenario we are expecting to see during the week and how we are planning to take advantage of it with a general strategy.

The Weekly Report covers, right now, elevel Futures Markets:

  • S&P500
  • US 30 Year T-Bonds
  • Corn
  • Soybeans
  • Wheat
  • Crude Oil
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Live Cattle
  • DAX 30 (general strategy on the German Index)
  • S&P-ASX 200 (general strategy on the Australian Index)




If there is any change, or any unusual situation, and we decide to change the strategy, you will receive an update.



You can see LIVE our strategy working, everyday, in an account with real-time data.


Visit our detailed SCREEN SHARING FEATURE page.

You will be able to see all the trades we place, every day, and see if our work is actually producing positive or negative results. We provide this service to make you understand how the strategy works, and also that we have nothing to hide, we do not cheat.

There is no interaction in the Live session, and no sound. The customer can only access to the meeting, and see the Account, open orders, filled orders, positions, and charts whenever we change the page to place new trades.



How to trade to make profits by Daniele Prandelli

This e-book shows every trade placed from July to September 2013, using a real-money Account from 40.000 USD and reaching a result of +58% in only 3 months. The trades are documented by the Account Statement of the broker Interactivebrokers. There are more than 1000 trades, mainly on the S&P500, Soybeans, Corn, and some with Gold as well. This document shows how adopting discipline and a winning mind approach, you can get incredible results with trading. The same techniques we adopted to reach the +58% performance are now provided in the Daily Report Service.