2018 Annual Bulletins

The 2018 Annual Bulletins are studies issued one year in advance. You can see the complete Forecast Model for the coming year. We provide Updates at the expiration of each contract (every 2 or 3 months, depending on the Market). Since 2012, we issue the Annual Bulletins to Banks, Hedge Funds, Farmers and Private traders.

Do not trust in the crystal ball! Trust who speaks to you in terms of statistics when we have to deal with trading and investments.

2018 Markets Forecasts and Bulletins

2019 Cotton Price Forecast & Strategy Bulletin

2019 Cotton Price Forecast & Strategy Bulletin This is the 2018 Cotton Forecast we published one year in advance, compared with the 2018 Cotton Price movement {{ vc_btn:title=2019+Cotton+Forecast+%26+Strategy+Bulletin+-+Now+Available+-+Order+Now&color=warning&size=lg&align=center&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fiaminwallstreet.com%252Fprice-list-of-our-trading-services-forecast-analysis%252F%2523bulletins-pricing%7C%7C%7C }} Download the Original 2018 Cotton Bulletin and the Updates Download here the original 2018 Cotton Price Forecast & Strategy Bulletin, with the PFS Forecast Model and

2019 S&P500 Forecast and Strategy Bulletin

This is custom heading element Find out the 2019 S&P500 Forecast & Strategy Bulletin, to learn... What's next? What are the most important supports and resistances we should look at? What is the favorite scenario for the next months? Is the downtrend about to begin or we are still in uptrend? What is the strategy

2019 Corn & Soybeans Price Forecast and Strategy Bulletin

2019 Corn & Soybeans Price Forecast and Strategy Bulletin 2019 Corn & Soybeans Price Forecast and Strategy Bulletin Price: 219.00 GBP ORDER NOW July 12, 2018: Bulletin Review A reliable strategy based on a reliable forecast If you need a study and a reliable Corn and Soybeans price projection, we are what you were looking

2019 Live Cattle Price Forecast and Strategy Bulletin

The 2018 Live Cattle price forecast and strategy is a very important bulletin to trade Live Cattle with an intelligent approach. The Forecast Model suggests the most important trends of the year with a high rate of success