2018 S&P500 Forecast and Strategy Bulletin


The 2017 has been a Bull year. Will the Bull continue in 2018?

The 2018 S&P500 Forecast & Strategy Bulletin is now available, and it is already working wonderfully! The proof is in the public article “How the S&P500 repeats itself” I sent out to our Subscribers, which was issued by Traders World magazine, and I posted on linkedin and in our Newsletter, where I did forecast the Low area of the drop of January-February.

We did not believe in a downtrend on that time, and we were right; the S&P500 is now heading to the tops. What’s next? What are the most important supports and resistances we should look at? What is the favorite scenario for the next months? What is the strategy we should use in the mid-term?

We provide all our answers in the 2018 S&P500 Bulletin.

REMIND THIS! – We do not believe in blind strategies based on forecasts; we use a specific strategy based on the Price Map we develop for each Market we trade. We follow our forecast, but only when it is supported by the Price Map.

What do you get ordering the 2018 S&P500 Forecast & Strategy Bulletin?

The Annual Forecast Model is based on the PFS forecast model, created by Daniele Prandelli to increase the odds of knowing in advance the most reliable trend over the time. The PFS, linked with the Price Map, becomes a strong tool to be able to trade wisely, following the right trend and cutting immediately the trend changes. Here below you can see several examples of how we use the PFS and the Price Map.

When we study the Annual Forecast, we have several time-windows where we can call Market situations with a high percentage of success; for example, sometimes we can predict which is the best month to buy or sell, or when we should expect the beginning of new up pushes. These time windows are summed up in the comment of the Annual Bulletin.

Our analysis or favorite scenario can change according to unexpected events and new Market conditions; for this reason, we send Updates over the year, summing up what we are expecting to see over the mid-term, updating the Price Map and the Forecast, with more precise details about the coming months.

2018 S&P500 Forecast & Strategy Bulletin


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