SPECIAL OFFER: 1 Month Trial Period at Only 39.00 Euro

After my last Posts, I have received several emails asking me more about my call. Hence, I have decided to run a new offer, something I have never done before: you can subscribe to the Daily Report Service, paying only 39 Euros for the first month!

The regular price is 84 Euro per month, so, if you are not happy with my Service, you can unsubscribe during the first month. when you paid only 39 Euros.

You will receive much precise information on how to read the Market, and you will have the chance to see how I work. I am sure I will not let you down; give me a try! I cover many markets: S&P500, Crude Oil, 30-Years US Treasury Bonds; Gold, Live Cattle, Corn, Soybeans and Wheat.

Some people ask me for a free trial period. I do not offer it because I do not work for free, and it would be unrespectful to the people that are actually paying to receive my analysis and strategies.

This is the best offer I can provide, available until April 20!

Did I Catch the Strong Crude Oil Up Movement?

This is an example of what you can get when you subscribe to my service. Yes, I did catch the up movement, and I bought at the Low.

Here is what I wrote in my Crude Oil Report, sent out on March 25 to my Subscribers:

Crude Oil report forecast
Crude Oil Report forecast – written on March 25, 2020.

This was planned in advance, and on March 30, we started buying, following precise rules.


Every Call Has His Strategy

There is no call without a strategy. I provide a precise strategy on how to trade. I am not stupid and I do not want to sell smoke! I am not always right!

For this reason, I provide precise rules on how to trade, with stop-loss orders, take-profits and entry levels. All we need. Yes, it is a bit demanding. The point is that I do not like those analysts that provide generic scenarios, without saying exactly where to buy or where to sell. Trading is all about that. Anyone can say if the market goes up or down, but then how do we handle the trade? I do provide all these precise rules.

Look at the performance and judge by yourself.


Give Me a Try!

I work a lot, and once you try my Service, you will understand it. My Service is totally different from most of the Services out there. I do work minute by minute with the Markets; every day, I provide strategies, I am on my intraday and daily charts constantly. Someone says that it is impossible to beat the market; give me a try and then you will change your mind!

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