Forecast Models

If you know where the Market has to go, trading gets much easier

What is the PFS Forecast Model

The PFS (Polarity Factor System) Forecast Model is a forecast created by Daniele Prandelli to be able to know in advance the most favorite trends of the year. The Forecast Model is published every year, in the Annual Bulletins. These Bulletins come with ongoing Updates over the year, to create a general, profitable strategy.

The PFS Forecast Model has been able to create excellent forecast, sometimes even amazing! You are the one who should judge our work. This is the 2018 Cotton Forecast Model, published one year in advance (at the end of 2017):

cotton 2018 corecast

You think we are cheating, right?

I am sorry, that is not the way we work! For this reason, we show our trades in real-time, every day, through our Daily Report Service, which includes the Screen Sharing Feature. No one does it! We show our trading strategy in real-time and you see if we make profits over the time.

Our strategy and trading approach is in profit, every year, with every Market we trade since 2012. We believe in what we do. Daniele Prandelli and his team uses the PFS Forecast Model as an important tool in planning any trading strategy.



It is time you judge by yourself the results of our Forecast Models.

2017 Corn PFS Forecast Model

2017 Corn Forecast

2016 Corn PFS Forecast Model

2016 Corn Forecast

2015 Corn PFS Forecast Model – with comments from the 2015 Bulletin

2015 Corn Forecast

2014 Corn PFS Forecast Model

2014 Corn Forecast

2016 Soybeans PFS Forecast Model

2016 Soybeans Forecast

2015 Soybeans PFS Forecast Model

2015 Soybeans Forecast

2014 Soybeans PFS Forecast Model

2014 Soybeans Forecast


Attention, we do not trade following just a forecast! Do not make this common mistake! The PFS forecast model is only one of the important tools we use to create a strategy. The Price Map analysis is much more important to create an intelligent strategy. Matching several studies, we increase the rate of success.

Interested in our Forecast Models? You can order, every year, the annual forecast model, through our Annual Bulletins. We send Updates every two/three months, depending on the situation and on the contract expiration of the Futures.