The CODE is here!

The CODE that does the work for me

I hear often the same problems, problems that now we can fix with the CODE!

  • I have no time to follow the market during the day
  • I do not want to stick in front of the monitors for hours
  • I have no discipline

These are not problems anymore; I have built a trading approach that takes advantage of the discretionary analysis and the emotionless auto-trading with the CODE.


Why do I consider the Auto-Trading IAWS CODE so important?

I mainly work to let the position ride the profits, following the most favorite trend that my analysis suggests. I may let a position run for days or even weeks. However, when I need to open a position or set a stop-loss, I work intraday. This approach helps me to keep the losses low, and the profits big. Hence, we must work intraday. My own analysis allows me to select precise timings and levels to work with, which is what I am doing with my service since 2012. Without trading intraday, my strategy would miss a very efficient part. These are all concepts that I need to explain to new subscribers because old subscribers already know them.

Working intraday during specific days requires time to spend in front of the monitors; for example, if we want to open SHORT positions in the S&P500 Futures, and we plan to do it only under 4040 points, we must spend our time on the monitors all day long, maybe for days, because we do not know precisely when our perfect condition happens. If it happens, we may need to close the position with a few little losses before being able to let it run for profits. Stress, emotions, and many other factors can ruin our plan, ending up with a loss while, in the end, the market did exactly what we planned to see at the beginning. How many times has it happened to you? You are not alone, it has happened to me so many times.

Now, I set up the parameters in my CODE (mainly the Key Price I want to work with, like 4040 points in the example here above), I activate it, and it does all the work for me. No more mistakes due to the FOMO. No more hours on the PC, that I could not even go food shopping in the past, due to the fear of missing a trade! If the human factor is responsible for 90% of the losses in trading, we are turning to zero this possibility.


How does the IAWS CODE work?

My analysis is fundamental to making the CODE work correctly. I study the market every day to know exactly which trend we have to follow, the timing for a change in trend, and the price map that allows me to work with the most efficient Key Levels… there is a lot of work behind the simple cold CODE. I consider the CODE just the final trigger; however, the trigger on its own is useless if you do not aim at anything and you do not pull the trigger at the right time.

The CODE is not a Trading-System! It is not something you switch on, and then it does everything forever! The CODE is a huge help to follow my work and strategy without the need of sticking our face to the monitor all day long! As I said before, it is the final trigger after having planned the strategy through hours of analysis. Every day, I will send out a specific Report to the IAWS CODE subscribers, with the parameters we have to set in the CODE (it takes about 30 seconds to do it).

Once we set all the parameters and we activate the IAWS CODE, it will automatically send the open and stop-loss orders, in relation to the Key Levels we set, and the rules that we apply when we trade with the Key Prices (the CODE does it automatically).

Here are a few trading examples, automatically triggered by the CODE; real trades from the strategy provided in August 2022:

Here above, we see the CODE opening SHORT positions under 4170 FP, following its specific rule, but closing the trades with a little loss when the E-mini Futures moved above 4170 points; it was August 25, 2022.

The day after, we moved the Key Price to 4190 Futures Points, and the auto-trading IAWS CODE triggered this trade with a SHORT position:

The IAWS CODE works only with Futures (no CFD or similar awful instruments… sorry:). We provide a specific strategy with the CODE for:

  • E-mini and Micro E-mini S&P500 Futures
  • Gold and E-Micro Gold Futures
  • Soybeans and Mini-Sized Soybeans Futures

If you are willing to use the CODE on your own with other Market Futures, that’s up to you, but you better ask me first because I probably need to change some settings (for example if you want to use it with T-Bonds of Crude Oil Futures). 


The IAWS CODE requires MultiCharts Software to work

The IAWS CODE works with the MultiCharts software. MultiCharts software receives real-time data and sends orders, working with most of the important brokers in the world. For example, I use Interactive Brokers, I connect it to the MultiCharts platform, I run the CODE, and it does everything I need (so I have time that I can use playing with my daughter, or playing tennis, or playing tennis with my daughter; I am not joking, the CODE does most of the work, I do not need to spend my day at the PC!).

Have you ever tried to stay with your family while you had to follow a trade? When I did, I turned into the worst person in the world!

So, to use the CODE, the MultiCharts is mandatory. Here are the Purchase options to use MultiCharts; you can start with a 30-day free trial; sometimes they run a Special Price event for the lifetime License, I do use a lifetime License. I love genuine and friendly business. I consider MC one of them; always ready to help.

If you are willing to take advantage of this new Service that I provide, I suggest you check on the MultiCharts website if your Broker works with MC Software. You can contact them for any doubt. Or, if you prefer, you can ask me and I will ask them for you.

A Guide to learn how to use the IAWS CODE

I have prepared a precise Guide, about 25 pages where I explain how to set the CODE up, and learn how to use it, step by step. Once you understand how the CODE “thinks”, you are ready to use it; it is very simple, but you need to understand how to use it; I am confident that after a few days, you will be able to set the parameters every day in about 1 minute, it does not require more than that!

I will be always available to help you to set it up, and explain how to use it. This is a huge step for my service; for more details, do not hesitate to contact me. You won’t be left alone, I will do everything I can to help you make it work.

Price of the IAWS CODE Service

For the first six months, I will provide the IAWS CODE at the fair price of 500 Euro, plus, the subscription to the Daily Report Service (795 Euro for six months). Hence, if you are not a subscriber to the Daily Report already, the total cost is 1295 Euro for six months. If you are interested, please contact me at and I will provide you with the IAWS CODE Guide in PDF, to see all the details to make it work.

This new Service is the biggest step I can take to help people follow my work, and I keep proving that it provides successful trading strategies.