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Daniele Prandelli provides Forecast models, analysis and precise strategies for E-mini S&P500 and Commodity Futures Markets – Precise signals with a Trades Record since 2012

Daily Report Service - All in

To be successful in trading, you need a precise strategy. That is what the Daily Report Service provides, with do-doubt signals to create a “low-risk / high-performance” opportunity. A successful strategy is not based on infallible trades, buy it is based on pre-calculated opportunities.

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Weekly Report Service

In-depth studies are necessary to see opportunities and create strategies. There is no trading without analysis, and this is what the Weekly Report offers. We cover seven different Futures Markets to see where we can trade during the week and what is our favorite outlook. Upon these studies, we create the real trading strategy during the week. 

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2023 Annual Bulletins

We provide annual forecasts and analyses for the S&P500, Soybeans, Corn, Live Cattle, and Cotton. These Bulletins come with ongoing updates over the year, usually at every contract expiration, or whenever we think it is important for the strategy.

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Taking advantage of our call to make profits

We prove with real-time trades that we are taking advantage of our correct forecast to make profits with the S&P500 and other markets

I did it again: S&P500, perfect forecast

We did it again! We did forecast an uptrend from March 20-23 until mid-June 2023; what’s after mid-June? Top of the year? New downtrend? Or just a pause and the uptrend will resume soon?

S&P500, note it: March 20-23, 2023

S&P500: I note a Key Date in my agenda: March 20-23, 2023. It may be important…

Full 2022 Account Statement – The proof is in the pudding

How do they say? The proof is in the pudding I started trading this account on July 18, 2022. I have been sharing my Statement every month, more or less. Here below you can find the long Activity Statements (click on it to see the image correctly) with all the trades triggered in this account,

Futures Market: time to know what happens in 2023

It is time to know what happens in 2023. Considering the good job done in 2022, we have good chances to correctly forecast the 2023

How we made profits? Bullish with Gold and S&P500

Activity Statements of the first two weeks of November 2022. You see we were correctly bullish with Gold and E-mini S&P500. And we made profits!

Trades Record of the Week: October 17-28, 2022

Trading Performance with Statements from October 17 to October 28, 2022. Very high choppiness in the last two weeks of October. How did it go?

30-Year Treasury Bond Futures – Time for a Low?

We are seeing a strong downtrend in the 30-Year Treasury Bond Futures price. We have a date for a potential Low and buying opportunity

Forecast Models

We create Forecast Models for several Market: S&P500, Soybeans, Corn, Cotton and Live Cattle

Our Forecast Models have proved to work most of the times. They are based on statistical studies and cycles, which means we cannot expect they work perfectly all the times; thanks to these forecast models, we can create a trading strategy that follows a specific Market direction, with confidence. Check out how the Forecast Models worked in the previous years.

We are traders and we have only one purpose
we trade the market to make profits.

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