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S&P500 forecast: a good model for a hard market to handle

Despite the hard market conditions, the S&P500 Forecast Model has worked very well, so far. Will it continue to correctly forecast the Stock Market path?

I am the best S&P500 forecaster in the world

Am I the best S&P500 forecaster in the world? It sounds provocative, I know. Judge by yourself.

Gold: A Reliable Forecast Model

A reliable forecast model for Gold that we can trust to know in advance the path of the price. This model has high chances to forecast the main trend to follow

Grain Market: is the trend turned definitely up?

The Grain Market is one of my favorites; I consider Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat wonderful Futures Contracts to trade. Sure, the best is the Soybeans Future Market, Gann used to call it the King. We see a reaction of the prices during the last months: Soybeans price is at levels that we have not seen

2020 S&P500: it keeps following my forecast

2020 S&P500 Forecast Model; how my model is simply working in a perfect way during the 2020.

March 2020 Panic: How did you react to it?

Did you sell everything in March 2020 Panic? … You should learn from your actions to not repeat the same mistake… Many people are calling this uptrend as a “Bear Market Rally”, really?!? … The crowd sentiment helps you to read the real situation… Do not look at the Main Street to invest in Wall

2020 Annual Bulletins for Traders – Half-Year Price Discounted

The S&P500 did a Low in March 2020. My forecast model did forecast it in advnace, and all my subscribers know it! Now, the Annual Bulletins are discounted for the remaining part of the year.

Buy in March 2020: I said it in 2009

How I said that March 2020 was a buy opportunity, 11 years in advance… I can prove it because I wrote it in a book…

Futures Daily Report - Premium

To be successful in trading, you need a precise strategy. That is what the Daily Rpeort Service provides, with do-doubt signals to create a low risk/high performance opportunity. A successful strategy is not based on infallible trades, buy it is based on pre-calculated opportunities.

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Futures Weekly Report

In-depth studies are necessary to see opportunities and create strategies. There is no trading without an analysis, and this is what the Weekly Report offers. We cover 9 different Futures Markets to see where we can trade during the week and what is our favorite outlook. Upon these studies, we create the real trading strategy during the week. 

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2021 Annual Bulletins

We provide annual forecast and analysis for the S&P500, Soybeans, Corn, Live Cattle and Cotton. These Bulletins come with on going updates over the year, usually at every contract expiration, or whenever we think it is important for the strategy.

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Forecast Models

We create Forecast Models for several Market: S&P500, Soybeans, Corn, Cotton and Live Cattle

Our Forecast Models have proved to work most of the times. They are based on statistical studies and cycles, which means we cannot expect they work perfectly all the times; thanks to these forecast models, we can create a trading strategy that follows a specific Market direction, with confidence. Check out how the Forecast Models worked in the previous years.

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