I did it again: S&P500, perfect forecast

The last Post I wrote was on March 2, 2023 (I am so lazy with these Posts…). You may recall I wrote that the next Key Date for the S&P500 was on March 20-23; I did not mention any further detail about it because I have subscribers paying for it. All my subscribers know that I declared the end of the choppy/weak condition on that date, and the beginning of a new uptrend until mid-June 2023 for the S&P500 (the Stock Market in general). 

Again, my forecast was correct and precise! Until mid-June… what does that mean? Just a pause of the uptrend, or the end of it, and a new downtrend is about to start? How am I going to trade next? These replies are reserved for the Subscribers: you can subscribe to the Daily Report Service or Weekly Report Service, or order the 2023 S&P500 Bulletin, which is a softer service with Updates every three months, more or less.

Here below you can download a Statement where I have been trading with micro E-mini S&P500 Contracts (with a 7.500 EURO account), where I am trading and testing more ideas, and it worked well. You can download the Statement with all the trades made with the micro E-mini contracts. It proves that it is possible to make good profits even working with the micros. The final profit is about 5.500 Euro. We do not need 100K to make big profits. If we know when we can ride a 400 points uptrend, with just one Micro Contract we can make 2000 USD! And we know, the Micro Contract margin required is about 1300 USD with Interactive Brokers.

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