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The Daily Report Service provides a precise strategy, sent every day by email, before the US Daily Session. We made available an Auto-Trading CODE to help those who cannot follow the market in intraday to take advantage of this service.



Daily Report every day before the opening of the US Daily Session. Precise strategy for the E-Mini S&P500, Soybeans, Gold, and Live Cattle Futures. Softer strategy for Corn, Wheat, and 30-Years T-Bonds Futures. Possibility to access to the Auto-Trade CODE. Weekly Report sent every week with deep analysis, forecast, pattern study, and general strategy of the week. Chart and studies shared. Covering the E-Mini S&P500, Soybeans, Gold, Live Cattle, Corn, Wheat, and 30-Years T-Bonds Futures. S&P500 Trading System, which provides about 30 trades per year, and it has been in profit since 2019, when we started providing it. It works mainy during uptrend, while, under specific circumstances, it does not provide signals during downtrends.

Because Facts are Better than Words

  • We provide Activity Statements with Trades triggered by the same strategy we offer to our subscribers; a Trading Performance since 2012
  • The 2013 E-Book “How to Trade to Make Profits” was written for the Subscriber, demonstrating that we turned 40.000 USD into 64.000 USD in three months, +58% real money, saving the charts every day for the book, with a full Interactive Brokers Activity Statement (sign up the Free Newsletter to have the E-Book for free)
  • Past Reports and Bulletins are available to see how we did work
  • Comments by Daniele Prandelli on Social Networks; we did bet on a big buying opportunity in March 2020, during the big COVID-19 crash, while everyone was in panic Comment 1Comment 2. Prandelli alerted people to NOT be negative.

How does the Daily Report Service work? Here are all the details

The Daily Report Service includes the Weekly Report and the S&P500 Trading System Strategy.

The Daily Report arrives through email to the Subscriber every day before the opening of the US Daily Session (usually before 8:30 AM ET). The Daily Report provides a table with the detailed strategy of the day for each of the seven markets we deal with daily; we have a COMMENT column if necessary, to explain how we are reading the market, especially if there is news to explain. This is an example taken from the June 6, 2022, Daily Report, E-mini S&P500 section:

Daily Rpeort example - Daniele Prandelli

In the “POSITION FROM-QUANTITY” column there is the actual position, of the strategy; in this example, we are FLAT.

In the “STRATEGY” column, we have the strategy for the day, which starts at 9:30 AM ET and ends at 4:00 PM ET. All the rules will be explained with the Subscription; you see we have precise levels we work with, but what does “always SHORT under 4070 FP (Futures Points) and FLAT above it” mean? This is the mechanical rule that we use in intraday, with the 15-minute bar chart (or more rarely, we may use the 5-minute chart). The subscriber will receive a detailed document that explains exactly how we trade with our Key Prices; it’s nothing complicated, and you can learn it from the book “How to Trade to Make Profits“, provided for free to those who Sign Up to the Free Newsletter.

We like to underline that we do provide a precise strategy, precise levels to work with, with fixed rules. It is so important you understand it because, in the end, what makes the difference is exactly where we buy and where we sell, period! Anyone can make forecasts, and statements, but the only goal that matters, in the end, is the profit. And not by chance, the hardest part of this job is to formulate a precise and clear strategy to reach consistently a profit.

For those who cannot follow the intraday market but still want to take advantage of our strategy, we made available an Auto-Trade CODE that helps the trader to follow our work without sticking to the monitor all day long. I Daniele Prandelli, use it regularly because I do not like to spend all my days on the PC, I have a family too!

How do we make consistent profits?

The purpose of our work is to provide a strategy that produces profits. We are able to do it because we have proved to be good at timing the market with the PFS Forecast Model and a few other important methods, never shared with anyone. We use intraday trades to be able to keep the losses as low as possible; when in profit, we let the position run for days or even weeks. This is one of the secrets of our performance. You have different channels to study our performance and our trades, and you will notice always a common factor: we have little losses and big profits. We do not care if we have five losses and just one profit when the profit is able to overtake double the losses.

The Martingale systems (popular in the FOREX market) work the opposite way, and that’s why they blow up, at some point. We work with discipline, little losses will never hurt with proper management.

We do not work to close every trade before the end of the day; instead, we work to let the profits run as much as possible, according to our analysis, our price map, and our timing. Our ability to time the market is probably what we are known for, thanks to Prandelli’s studies.

In 2012, Daniele Prandelli made available a book, sold by Sacre Science Institute, where he teaches how to create the same forecast model he uses, the PFS. It is a mathematical process of building it, so, there cannot be misunderstandings. The 2020 S&P500 PFS Forecast Model, for example, suggested the Low of the year on March 14-21, 2020; look at when the 2020 Stock Market did the Low of the year, and consider that the PFS Forecast Model book was written in 2011! The PFS Law will never end. Nowadays, the PFS is still one of the most important tools for Daniele.