Futures Daily Report Service – Premium

The Daily Report Service is for professional traders who trade Futures and follow the market during the day; in this way, the trader is able to minimize the losses using tight stops in intraday and letting the profits running for days or weeks.

You can download all the 2019/2020 Daily & Weekly Report Service through the Reports Archive:

Subscribing this service, you receive:

  • The Daily Report: you receive the precise strategy to adopt during the day, with all the specific rules that produced profits every year since 2012
  • The Weekly Report: every week, you receive an analysis with charts and potential new scenarios of several Futures Markets we cover (E-mini S&P500, 30-Years T-Bonds, Gold, Live Cattle, Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat).
  • The S&P500 Trading System: this is a Trading System created for the S&P500 that produced profits every year since 2012; it simply works! That’s why I share it with you. It does not require to follow the market in intraday; in 2019 it made 31 trades, producing a profit of 135.25 points (6762.50 USD of profit using 1 contract).

The strategy of the Daily Report is precise, I provide all the details to trade according to my rules (no random trades or approximate trades), but it is very demanding! That’s why I say that this is for professional traders; the strategy needs to use 3 contracts or multiples, which can be also micro contracts. Despite this trading approach being very demanding in terms of time, you can see with your eyes the potential of profits through the Performance Page; in 2013 I also wrote a book where I showed, with a real Activity Statement, the results achieved adopting my trading approach (you can download the entire E-Book and Statement signing up the Free Newsletter).


Let’s be honest and clear:

If you are not a Pro or a real full-time trader, you should not subscribe to this service! Instead, you should consider subscribing to the Weekly Report Service! With the Weekly Report, for example, I saved a lot of subscribers’ money when I said, in March 2020, to not sell everything at all, but to buy!

If you are a mid-long term investor, you should consider the Annual Bulletins instead, where I provide a general forecast of the entire year and I send updates every 2-3 months or any time I think it is necessary. I may surprise you about how decisive were these Bulletins during the past years. An example? In the 2020 S&P500 Annual Bulletin, I did forecast a descent from January to March, and a strong buy on March 14-21, 2020.

Trades Record since 2012

The performance is in US Dollars using the precise strategy provided in the Daily Report (Updated to April 2020)