Taking advantage of our call to make profits

We keep proving with facts that we are able to trade successfully our calls.

Do you remember when I told you, here in the Free Newsletter (subscribe here if you have not yet), that we did forecast a stop of the uptrend around mid-June 2023 for the S&P500? We used that top as a reference level to work with SHORT positions under it. Real-time trades were taken according to our analysis, and we can see the results through two different accounts.

The first one uses only a micro contract of the E-mini S&P500 Futures, with a profit of 529 USD in just one week.

The second account, which has a larger capital, worked with several E-mini S&P500 Futures Contracts, making a profit of 6.931 USD since mid-June. You can see we just worked with SHORT positions thanks to our forecast.

We simply trusted our timing analysis, which suggested mid-June to be a potential High; when the S&P500 tested the Top at the end of June, we thought it was too early for a new breakout, and we simply traded according to our favorite forecast. And then BOOM, profits!

Trading is not only about profits but also losses sometimes. You see a trade with a loss trading the Gold Futures Contract, almost 5000 USD lost. That’s part of trading, losses are part of the game. Just do not let them eat your entire capital. Keep them low, and profits bigger.

I am wondering if my Service is too expensive… no, it is not, that’s evident. Sometimes I fear I do not bring value to my subscribers, above all when I receive a Subscription cancellation to my Service. I ask myself: why? Did I do something wrong? Is the value of my work not enough? But then I look at my past work, like when I said to work with LONG positions from March 20-23, 2023 to June. Or when I said to buy in October 2022. Or when I said to SHORT at the beginning of January 2022. And I understand that the price of my Service is actually very cheap. As someone taught me: I am responsible for what I say, not for what others understand.

This Post is mainly about it; I just wanted to show what value my work can bring. I do not mean to show off. Quite the opposite! This Post is something I need to confirm to myself that I am doing a good job.

During the next few days, I want to write a post about something I have seen on YouTube. Trying to understand how I can quickly create Videos that hopefully save me time, I played other videos to have an idea on how to create them… and what I saw was crazy! Very professional videos of people showing profits like 1000% in one day! And the first question was: really people believe it? Then I saw a guy showing off impossible profits who has +500K followers… Really? So many people believe it? I feel I must write something about it. I cannot reach 500k people, but if I am lucky I can reach 100 people LOL!

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