Full 2022 Account Statement – The proof is in the pudding

How do they say? The proof is in the pudding

2022 Results per single contract and final performance of 58K USD

I started trading this account on July 18, 2022. I have been sharing my Statement every month, more or less. Here below you can find the long Activity Statements (click on it to see the image correctly) with all the trades triggered in this account, to reach the final profit of almost 60K USD, trading mostly with 1 or two contracts per Futures Market.

In a field where only numbers matter, it is incredible how many words are spent to explain this, explain that, we are in recession… no, maybe we are not… Trading does not care about these things. Hence, today I just leave you with my numbers. Real numbers can teach much more than books. Just a hitn: take partials; work with trends, but expect choppiness; cut the losses as soon as you can; always allow part of your trades to run for big profits.

This is just a little part of the trades triggered by my Daily Report Service. Two little children at home did not help me to fully trade all my signals, but I do not complain 😉

2022 full trading activity statement
2022 Full Activity Statement from Interactive Brokers – click on it to see it properly

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