2022 S&P500 Forecast and Strategy Bulletin

We came from two wonderful years where we made great profits; the 2021 turned out to be more challenging than expected, with a very strong Bull pattern that I was not expecting at all. However, the 2021 S&P500 PFS Forecast Model was not totally wrong, if we consider that it did forecast the continuation of the uptrend until the end of May/beginning of June. It simply missed the upswing from June to August, but then it called a great buy opportunity at the beginning of October.


Despite the 2021 Forecast Model has missed only a three-month upswing, and then it was generally correct about the rest of the year, I have to be honest: I was not expecting to see a steady bull market continuing for the entire 2021. It has been a big surprise for me. Even more surprising was the breakout above the High made during the first half of June. Fortunately, the market pulled back before the end of September, with the market returning on the right path, and we could buy at the Low and follow a good upswing until mid-December…

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Look at how my 2020 Forecast Model did forecast perfectly the 2020 Low of the Year, after the crash due to the COVID-19:

2020 S&P500 Forecast VS Reality

The 2020 S&P500 Forecast Model has been able to forecast:

  • The High and the Low of the year almost at the day (you do not believe it, but it is right there, in front of you, and if you have my Forecast Model course, you know that this is real, created in advance because you did it too, mathematically, without any discretionary choice)
  • The descent from January/February to March 20-23
  • The uptrend until December

You can miss the 2022 S&P500 Forecast, but are you sure you do not want to give me a chance?

After the last two years, I consider myself one of the best S&P500 Forecasters in the world, and I am happy if you have proofs to say that I am not probably the best. I did not just forecast a strong bull from March. I also did forecast the strong uptrend from January 2019, and many other intermediates’ buy opportunities.

If you do not trust my words, you should trust the facts, because I am not cheating!

I cannot cheat with Linkedin Comments! So, I am wondering what is stopping you to give me a chance! Do you know anyone who did a better job than mine? Because I am aware of what other Gurus said about 2020, and sorry for them, I did much better.

I know, I sound arrogant! Trust me, it is not my nature; the reason for this new attitude is because I keep seeing people trusting in calls of forecasters that make systematically wrong predictions, but very few people (that every year renew their subscriptions) trust me, after all these my good calls. What do I have to do to make people listen to me? LOL!

2021 brings big news, and the more you wait, trust me, the more you risk missing to know something very important.

I cannot promise anything because I am not here to tell you that I am infallible; I speak with my hard work, and you deserve it only if you spend time to check it. You can download all my entire 2019 & 2020 Bulletins and Updates that I have provided in the last two years (it is a DropBox shared folder where you can download all the files of my Annual Bulletins). Read all and judge it. Take 30 minutes of your life and judge my work. It may save you in the future.

I have professional traders, also managers from banks and CEOs in the commodity industry that regularly order my work. Most of the time people do not subscribe to my work because they do not believe it is possible to do what I do. For this reason, I made available the entire work of the last two years, covering all the Bulletins.


You can download also the entire work covering Corn, Soybeans, Live Cattle and Cotton.

This year, there is big news! I have discovered, after many years, the right keys to create the Gold Forecast Model! And the 2021 Gold Forecast Model will be available for free to the subscribers of any of my work.

What do you get ordering the 2022 S&P500 Forecast & Strategy Bulletin?

The Annual Forecast Model is based on the PFS forecast model, created by Daniele Prandelli to increase the odds of knowing in advance the most reliable trend over time. The PFS, linked with the Price Map, becomes a strong tool to be able to trade wisely, following the right trend and cutting immediately the trend changes.

2021 Forces: a new chart where we show the favorite trend in different periods of the year; we have created this chart to better explain the phases of up pushes and down pushes; there are months of the year where a new movement should begin, and we know, most of the times, the right direction of these forces.

When we study the Annual Forecast, we have several time-windows where we can call Market situations with a high percentage of success; for example, sometimes we can predict which is the best month to buy or sell, or when we should expect the beginning of new up pushes. These time windows are summed up in the comment of the Annual Bulletin.

Our analysis or favorite scenario can change according to unexpected events and new Market conditions; for this reason, we send Updates over the year, summing up what we are expecting to see over the mid-term, updating the Price Map and the Forecast, with more precise details about the coming months.

Find out the 2022 S&P500 Forecast & Strategy Bulletin, to learn…

What’s next?
What are the most important supports and resistances we should look at?
What is the favorite scenario for the next months?
Is the downtrend about to begin or we are still in an uptrend?
What is the strategy we should use in the mid-term?

We provide all our answers in the 2022 S&P500 Bulletin


Judge by yourself my work; you can download all the 2019 and 2020 Bulletins and Updates

You probably do not believe it if I tell you what I said during 2019 and 2020: DOWNLOAD ALL MY 2019 & 2020 BULLETINS & UPDATES!

You do not believe it, right? So, do not be lazy, download and read the 2019 and 2020 Bulletin and updates! And remember: the Updates are the most important thing because we plan the strategy with the fresh cycles. You are lazy, well, I can not help you, sorry 🙂

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact me. 

REMIND THIS! – We do not believe in blind strategies based on forecasts; we use a specific strategy based on the Price Map we develop for each Market we trade. We follow our forecast, but only when it is supported by the Price Map.

2022 S&P500 Forecast & Strategy Bulletin

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