Now You Watch Us Trading in Real-Time Every Day

In our Daily Report Service, we have included this new Feature; you can connect, every day, to our monitor and see all our trades, in real time, EVERY DAY, for the entire DAILY SESSION! Is anyone doing it? No doubts anymore, you are the one who judges our work.

Why the Screen Sharing Service?

We do not want to be analysts! We are traders first of all! Being a trader is a totally different job than being an analyst. A trader cannot be a trader without analysis. An analyst does not need to be also a trader.

Example: we are in Formula 1

There are many mechanics and engineers, but very few drivers. It is not hard to become a mechanic, or an engineer (I mean, it is easier than becoming a F1 driver), you just need to study and work hard. There are many of them in the world, some very good, some less. These are analysts.
Then, we have the drivers; there are few of them, because driving a Formula 1 and be competitive is something very hard, and not everyone has the skills to do that. If you want to win, you need a good driver. The driver can make mistakes, of course, and he does not need to win every race to win the World Championship. This is the Trader.

The driver needs a good Team, but he can make the difference on its own even if the car is not that fast. Also, the driver can have the fastest car, but it is useless if he makes accidents at every turn!

Hence, we want to show you we are drivers! How? We put you in the position to see, every day, how fast we drive! You monitor the account and the trades in real-time, and day by day you can see if the account goes up or down. There is no way to cheat on our side (we cannot cut any turn), you will be Chronos.


Profits more than analysis

Let’s be back to be serious, and honest: it is full of people providing magic strategies, super forecasts, infallible trading systems, but in the end it is always (often) the same story, the same result. Trading is a tough job, exciting but boring as well sometimes. I have been a Customer of someone else in the past, and I got fed up with analysis. Hence, after 18 years of personal experience, I have decided to create a unique service that is able to show without any doubt that our work produces profits over the time (I am sure there are other people providing something similar, I am not claiming I am the only one, of course). We do it since 2012, and we believe we will be able to continue with the same results.

We should consider many factors now, like the right capital to trade… but this document is not meant for that.

Do not take me wrong! We do make analysis as well!


How to connect

We use the software TeamViewer 12 ( with the Meeting option. In this way everyone can connect to our screen and see in real-time what we do to the Market. If you have TeamViewer 12, you need only a Meeting ID, I will provide it every time. If you do not have TeamViewer 12, you can just click on the link I provide in the e-mail, it will open our live screen through the browser. I ask you to provide a name that I can recognize. No one can see anyone in the list, no worries.


How to read the monitor

It is quite easy, but let me show you this image to make clear what you see:


***you should not need me to explain how to read the monitor; if you subscribe this service, you should know already these things; if you don’t, I would suggest you to study and learn first, I am telling you this because I care of you! Do not waste the money with my service, which his quite demanding; invest your money in the knowledge first


Here, you see where to read the positions, the orders of the day and the amount.

This is always in real-time, making the same trades we provide in the Daily Reports, I follow the same rules. The only thing that can change are short-term trades in intraday, but I use the same rules and the same Key Levels that I provide in the Daily Report (at least I try to, because trading 8 different Futures is not always easy).

During the day, you will also see the intraday charts when I have to study new levels or insert new orders from the chart.



We provide the Screen Sharing Service every day, when the US Market is open, from 9.30AM to 5.00PM, EST (New York time). There may be days where I have personal commitments, or when I am on Holidays. Our old customers know, for example, that every year, in the second half of August, I am off the Markets for one week because I do volunteering in a campus for disable children; in September, every year, I take one week of Holidays. For the remaining time, we usually provide the Screen Sharing Service without interruptions. Let’s consider a few days per month where I cannot do it for personal reasons.