As I do every year in July, I reduce the price of my Annual Bulletins for Traders; this is the time for the 2020 Bulletins. The Annual Bulletins for Traders are very useful to understand the main trend to follow and find the timings that have the best chances to create important opportunities. Here below I show you a few examples of what the 2020 Bulletins have done so far

2020 S&P500 PFS Model did forecast the Low of March in advance

My proprietary PFS forecast model did forecast the Low or the Year in March 2020; I did send my forecast to the Traders who subscribed to the 2020 S&P500 Annual Bulletin in December 2019.

This is the forecast model that my subscribers received:


Try to compare my forecast model to the S&P500 Index so far:

You have the proof of my call because I kept telling you that the crash was about to be a great buy opportunity. I sounded mad, now I do not sound mad anymore. Many analysts are now saying that this is time to buy… they should have told that in March! Do not you think?

The 2020 S&P500 Bulletin is now discounted, from 265 to 160 Euro. The Bulletin comes with ongoing updates during the year, usually during hot times or every 2/3 months.


Corn & Soybeans; did I catch the Low of the Year?

Even with the 2020 Corn and Soybeans Annual Bulletin, we are doing well, despite the hard conditions during the COVID-19. Well, I sent an Update to the Traders where I said that April 21-23 could be very important and reliable for the beginning of a new bounce. Here is the screenshot of that Update:

I sent this Update right on April 21, 2020, on that same very day! Look at the chart of Corn & Beans now:


That’s what you may get when you subscribe to my 2020 Bulletins.


Take advantage of the discount now

Here are the discounted Annual Bulletins available:

That’s very cheap! From next year, my Bulletins will not be that cheap anymore. I think I have shown the value of my work in the last years. From 2021, the Bulletins will have the right price they deserve.

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