2022 Gold Forecast – Impressive

A few years ago we have been able to develop a reliable forecast model for Gold (I took 10 years to find it!). Let’s see how it is working during 2022, so far.

The Gold Forecast Model from January to June 2022:

The Model is not very active in the first months of the year, but pay attention to the most important Lows shown by the model:
25-28 January – 8 February
19 March
17 May

We look at the chart to see that all these timings were correct in suggesting a buying opportunity:

We also notice that the Gold Forecast Model shows a High on May 24, 2022, and this is the last recent High in the Gold price. Will it hold, or will it be broken for higher levels? Our Forecast Model is telling us what’s next.

We do not use just this tool to trade Gold, of course. However, also thanks to this tool, we have been able to SHORT at the area of 2000 USD around mid-April 2022, and we held the SHORT until 1840 USD! In area 1800 USD, after closing the SHORT, we opened the LONG position. The model shows a new upswing from mid-May, and we have just followed it!

2022 Gold Trading Performance

Here are all the trades placed through the strategy provided by the Daily Report Service, all the trades since January 2022. We have a profit of about 170 USD per contract, while Gold is just 10 USD above the 2022 opening price, right now.

All the trades are planned in advance through the Daily Report with a precise strategy, which is sent every day before the daily session.

You can take advantage of all our work through the Daily or Weekly Report Service. We provide the entire 2022 Gold Forecast Model to all our Subscribers.

Feel free to contact me for any questions.

Have a great day!

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