2022 Annual Forecast & Strategy Bulletins – Now Available

The 2021 is almost over, and the new 2022 Forecast & Strategy Bulletins are now available.

I cannot say that the 2021 has been an easy year with easy profits! It has been probably the most challenging year of the last ten. We are all well aware of the strong Bull market we saw in Stocks, with the S&P500 moving straight up, and only few little pullbacks for the entire year. I am honest, I was not expeting that, and I was quite surprised to see higher levels after November 2020, and even more surprised after the new Highs during the second half of June. But we did well in forecasting the drop in September and the buy opportunity at the beginning of October until mid-December. Not my best year, above all because we came from a 2019 and 2020 where we were great in calling correctly almost every main swing. Just to make an example, the 2020 S&P500 Forecast Model did forecast the Low of the year for March 14-21, 2020. We all know that the S&P500 did the last Low, after the big COVID crash, on March 23, 2020.

However, there is not just the S&P500! We also have, as always, the Corn and Soybeans Annual Forecast, and you can see in the chart above how it did work great! Then, we have Live Cattle and Cotton too. Look at the chart here below to see how the 2021 Live Cattle Forecast Model has worked:


The 2021 Live Cattle Price Forecast Model did very well for 10 months out of 12, so, I cannot really complain with it. Plus, in August I sent an Update to the subscribers, providing the precise Key Level we had to work with to SHORT Live Cattle, and that call turned being right, opening the SHORT right at the end of August, despite the PFS Forecast Model was a little late in calling the drop.

The 2022 Annual Bulletins are available now, and they will come with ongoing Updates and Reports sent during the year, every two months or any time I think it is necessary. I have decided to drop the price, and the 2022 S&P500 Forecast & Strategy Bulletin costs only 220 Euro.
We are also working to a new GOLD Forecast Model, and the 2022 Gold Forecast Model will be included to any subscription.

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