30-Year Treasury Bond Futures – Time for a Low?

The 30-Year T-Bond Futures price is falling down as we have never seen since the late ’70s. A long-term chart gives an idea of what is happening:

30-Year Treasury Bond Futures – 1978-2022

In 40 years, the actual drop is something new!

In September 2022, I made a kind of forecast: I said to my Subscribers that we had to wait for the date of October 27 (+/- a few days) to consider trading the 30-Year T-Bond Futures LONG again. I do see, this week, the possibility of a Low. We will see together if I was right or not. I made this forecast more than one month ago, and I am willing to take advantage of it. We will see, through my trades, if I am able to make a profit from this call or not.

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