Cotton Calling – Our best 2022 trade so far

When I tried to apply my timing studies to the Cotton Market for the first time, about 7 years ago, I was very surprised; the results were better than any best expectation; I have very few people who buy my Annual Bulletins for the Cotton N.2 Futures market, and I think it is such a pity because I believe I can provide a very reliable analysis for it.

Look at the last call I did on the Cotton Market; it was February 17, 2022, when I sent this Update to my subscribers:

This is page 4 of the last Update I have sent to my 2022 Cotton Bulletin subscribers. I made a call where I said that, for what my analysis suggested, we had to consider March 8 as a potential Low and a buying opportunity, probably at area 115-116.70 USD. I also posted this chart at the end of the Report:

Cotton May 2022 Futures Contract – Forecast made on February 17, 2022

Well, what happened next? Probably, if you trade Cotton, you already know it! That was huge! But I know that Cotton is not a very common market, so, I show here what happened:

Cotton May 2022 Futures Contract

Boom! A big bullish movement started! I cannot state that I did forecast such a strong upswing, but sure I was right about the timing and the direction. The proof is in the pudding.

Here is the price list of the 2022 Annual Bulletins, in case you may be interested:

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