Sometimes, I feel you can call me Gann…

I kept saying to my clients that Crude Oil was in a good position to buy; on Friday, I said to use 54.57 to open LONG positions. Today, Crude Oil is around 57.30!

If you remember, in the last email I sent here, I said we were LONG with Crude Oil from 52; you should not be surprised we are still LONG.
However, on Friday we have seen a perfect call, that could produce a huge profit with no pain at all… Like Gann 😉

Here is the Original E-Mail I sent to the Subscribers of the Daily Report Service

It was a perfect call, because I am good on it 🙂 Patience, discipline and knowledge are the Keys to make solid profits over the time.

Do you know why it was possible? Because here there is a guy working and studying all they long, for you, several Futures Markets, with almost 20 years of experience.

You think I am cheating! I do not blame you, I know this field, and it is normal you think I am cheating… look at this then:

If I am cheating, how can I be LONG exactly from 54.56?

Are you wondering if…
– the S&P500 is about to breakout the area 2820, or it is about to begin a new downtrend?
– grains are about to get active and when to bet on them?
– Crude Oil is about to continue its run?
– Gold has just started a new downtrend?
– Cotton will remain sideways forever?

My answers are ready for you!

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