How I tripled my account in 6 months

I have reached a +200% on my experimental CDF account. It has taken just 6 months.

I am sharing the statements every month, but you can even follow the performance on the website.

I am the only trader in the entire community that can make high performances trading Indexes and Commodities because I do not trade Forex; all the people who trade commodities and Indexes with CFDs fail in that community. Am I special? I’d like to, but I am not, I am just a good trader with a few secrets to making forecasts. But if you think I make profits just thanks to the forecast, you are wrong. The forecast is a very important part of my work, but you need to understand that I always create a strategy that gives me a confirmation, and I always trade to make bigger profits than the potential loss.

You can see my performance on the website:

I also have an account with eToro, trying to build a good performance to be copied, even if I hate the bad spreads and the lack of most of the commodities I do trade; I am up 35% since April with this account:

IMPORTANT NOTE: I do not trade with 400 Euros usually! This is an experiment to turn a small account in a big account. If you want to see a Real Activity Statement from a Futures account, Sign up my Free Newsletter and download the e-book and the InteractiveBrokers Statement, where I turned 40K into 64K in 3 months, real money.

Just to give you an example of my forecasts, here is the Live Cattle analysis I made at the end of May:

The Forecast of Live Cattle

How did it go? Well, it seems it has been again a great call 🙂

Live Cattle forecast result

I can show several good calls, but I prefer to show you profits with real account. Let’s leave the 1000s charts to who cannot show real profits 😉

Do not ask me about the S&P500 performance, it is too easy! Is it in uptrend or in downtrend? If you think it is in downtrend, it is better you stop trading… or maybe do you open the umbrella before it starts raining?

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