Live Cattle: we did it right!

In the last two weeks, we have seen a strong fall of Live Cattle prices. The following chart is the June 2019 Contract, showing the descent:

Live Cattle – June 2019 Contract – Daily Bar Chart

I share here with you my last Update I sent, on April 8, to my 2019 Live Cattle Bulletin subscribers (April 8, 2019 – Live Cattle Update – PDF). You will see how I did forecast not just the descent, but also the right timing to expect the beginning of the fall.

If I want to be even more brilliant, I can share with you the first 4 months of the PFS Forecast Model, issued every year, one year in advance, through my Annual Bulletins:

2019 Live Cattle PFS Forecast Model – first 4 months of the year

If you compare this Forecast Model with the Chart here above, you can appreciate how it has been able to forecast perfectly (and let me repeat perfectly!) the uptrend until March 23, 2019 and then down. What’s next? The price of the 2019 Live Cattle Bulletin is only 121 Euro for the entire year. If you want a complete and constant update for every Market I trade, do not miss the offer here below, available until May 8, 2019…


I am not here to say only when I do right calls! With Soybeans and Corn I had to cut a few little losses, (nothing painful, but still, I have not made profits in the last period with grains), because at certain point I was expecting an uptrend that never came. Hence, I closed the positions under important levels, and I did it right, because an even stronger descent began, then. I belielve this descent is not over.

S&P500… and the Stock Market…

Read my previous Newsletter, you can understand what I think (you know, I have people paying to get my work); however, I believe that April 30 (+/- 1 day) should be an important timing; I call it a short-term decider. It is also evident how the US Stock Market has reached new Highs, for example with the NASDAQ100 or the S&P500. It is a strong signal to be able read the Market and plan an important strategy for future profits.

However, did not I tell you to stick with the uptrend? I keep telling this since mid-January… and here we are now, at new all the time highs!

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