If you know how the time works, you can forecast in advance when to buy or when to sell with a favorite probability to make profits. But the time does not exist without space. It is the space that creates the time, hence, we cannot work with cycles without working with space; cycle-hunters miss this important point.

Then, we have people that do not trust in the possibility of making a forecast. To those people, today I want to share the Weekly Reports where I have forecast the S&P500 Key Timings of the last two months. The first forecast is about the S&P500 High of September: I said to wait for a High on September 20-23, and it has worked perfectly.

Click here to download here the original Weekly Report I sent out on September 16.

You will be able to see how I work when I provide my analysis, and you understand how I am able to make profits, documented also via my statements (I am sharing my performance on the MQL5 website, no way to lie!).

Then what? We followed the downtrend from September 20; we closed the S&P500 long position in area 2880 points (with the December 2019 Future). You can see it in the Weekly Report I issued on October 7.

Click here to download here the original Weekly Report I sent out on October 7.

On October 7, I was already preparing my subscribers to be ready for a potential buy opportunity on October 24-28 (almost three weeks in advance).

On October 21, I confirm the imminent buy opportunity starting on October 24-25. You can see it reading the Weekly Report of October 21-25.

Click here to download here the original Weekly Report I sent out on October 21.

Well, we all know that on Monday, 28 October, the S&P500 moved to new all the time Highs and started a new upswing. Thanks to my forecast, we bought already on October 25, making again very nice profits. We took a part of the profits and we are still LONG with the remaining.


There is not a more bullish situation than when the Market hits new Highs! Hence, if you have any doubt, keep following the uptrend! As long as the S&P500 remains above 3020, we should not worry! Do not follow crash-hunters, they are still waiting and waiting. Time will show us the right moment for the downtrend, which is not now. And work with the price, because it is the only one that never lies! Even when I had a strong forecast telling me to buy on October 24-25, I waited for a breakout above 3020 Futures Points before to open new LONG positions.

That’s it! That’s how I work and what my Daily and Weekly Report subscribers receive from me. The subscriptions are not available right now, but they will open for three weeks in December.

I know some of you are waiting for the 2020 Bulletins, I will do my best to prepare them by the end of November. I will also share all the 2019 Bulletins with the original Updates I sent out during the year. Just a little bit of patience 🙂

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