I said: January 29-30 we will see the beginnig of the new uptrend

The last months have not been easy! The fall of December created some troubles, and I was not expecting to see it at all! I had troubles understanding that movement, but in the end, I realised it was a fake movement. Once I saw the S&P500 moving above 2600 points, I said to all my subscribers that we had to be ready for a new uptrend. First, let me show you the results of my strategy since 2018 until now, and you will see how we have been able to follow the strong uptrend of the last days:

S&P500 Trading Performance – Daniele Prandelli Strategy

As you can see, I had a period where I was not able to make profits. However, with the last trade, working with patience and discipline, we made a huge trade!

Am I cheating? Any proof of this call?

All my subscribers knew in advance that I was about to double my LONG position on January 29-30. The proof of this call is in an article issued by TRADERSWORLD Magazine (download here the TradersWorld Magazie for free), on January 30. I prepared the article one week before, and you can see it, at page 14, my entire article. At page 16, you see a chart where I show my forecast: “January 29-30 beginning of a new up push“.

I do not cheat, my dear, I always show the good and the bad of my work.

How did I know the S&P500 was about to push higher?

That’s my job! Sometimes I am wrong and sometimes not! I cannot share my propertary studies, of course, but I will do an exception this time. By the end of the week, I will show you which cycle and study I was following, and why many people were still waiting for a pullback and a new retest of the December’s Lows (because I know what they were looking at, but they were looking at the wrong cycle). I will share the study only to the subscribers of my Free Newsletter (my Subscribers to the Daily and Weekly Reports already knew, in advance, the study that produced a great buy opportunity).

Sign up my Free Newsletter to know the Study that made me call higher levels in the S&P500

Please, sign up here, it is completly Free, and you will get free analysis from time to time about several Futures Markets I trade. By the end of the week, you will receive the study that made me call the uptrend in the S&P500, and it may be useful for the next weeks too.

Where is the S&P500 now?

The S&P500 is now, right when I am writing, at 2733 Points Futures (March 2019 E-mini SP500 Contract). It was January 20, when I sent the Weekly Report and I said: from area 2600-2625 points, we have a new possible strong up push, an uptrend that may work for ***

Not bad to see the S&P500 at 2733 points now:

S&P500, right now at 2732 points

You can also see the profit, in green, of the strategy, which is LONG from 2640.75 points.

You should better see it from this window, about the positions:

This is the huge difference between doing analysis and doing trading: the profits!

I do trade! Do not forget it! An analysis on its own is useless, in my opinion. Only the strategy behind the analysis has value.

Why should you pay for our services?

Sometimes I hear people saying: why should I pay for something that I can get for free? Unfortunately, most of the times this is true, but only if you do not consider the quality of the information you get. People do not understand what is useful and what is not, in order to take trading decisions. Also, people do not understand that they can take advantage to get information from real traders who work 10 hours per day with the Markets, sharing more than 15 years of experience.

You should trust who is honest with you. A person claiming to make millions with perfect trades is just a liar, because trading does not work like that. I show everything, we do not cheat, we do not lie.

My service is also a way to see how a professional trades, for real. Was not the call on the S&P500 worth 84 Euro per month? Because this is the price to get the Premium Service I provide (even cheaper if you Subscribe for 6 months or for a year). This service has a limited numer of subscribers, and because of the some changing in the last weeks, I have more or less 10 subscriptions available (you think this is a marketing strategy, right? It is not, I swear; I cannot and I do not want to handle more than 30 subscribers to the Daily Report).

In about two weeks, all the details will be defined. Meanwhile, visit our website www.iaminwallstreet.com and do not forget to sign up the Free Newsletter! Big News and courses are coming, stay tuned! My last study is on its way…

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Daniele Prandelli

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