S&P500 Trading System – Good Performance

In 2019, I added a Trading System for the S&P500 Futures Market to my Reports Service. It’s easy to follow, and it has been in profit every year since I have been using it. I have started providing it to my Weekly and Daily Report Subscribers because it works! Simple like that!

It works, despite I do not like Trading Systems

I do not like Trading Systems. Do not take we wrong! Everyone loves a system that produces profits, of course. However, when I study the market, I like a discrectionary approach, studying a specific timing with a specific pattern and looking for statistical correlations with the past. Creating a Trading System is not so different, but the Trading System is built to produce a constant strategy upon specific conditions. I do not create Trading Systems, and I am honest when I say that I have niether created this Trading System! I bought it, and now I use it because I see it has worked successfully in the last years. It’s very easy to use, with about 25-30 trades per year (unless a specific condition puts it in a modality where much less trades are triggered).

This Trading System is included in the Daily and Weekly Report Service. The Weekly Report Service Subscription is available with a Special Price now, with the chance of paying a Monthly Subscription at 65 Euro.

Trading System Performance

I share with you the performance of the Trading System since 2019, the year I started providing the Trading System to the Subscribers:

2019 Trading System Performance:

•    Profits: 26 trades; +407.25 points
•    Losses: 5 trades; -272 points
•    Result: +135.25 points

2020 Trading System Performance:

•    Profits: 15 trades; +433.50 points
•    Losses: 6 trades; -332 points
•    Result: +101.50 points

2021 Trading System Performance:

•    Profits: 17 trades; +551.00 points
•    Losses: 4 trades; -212.00 points
•    Result: +339.00 points

We can appreciate the impressive 2021 performance of +339.00 points. Using one E-mini S&P500 Futures Contract, 339 points means 16.950,00 USD. With one Micro E-mini S&P500 Futures Contract, 339.00 points means 1695,00 USD.

As you can see, there are no many trades during the year, which makes the Trading System easy to follow, not demanding at all.

Access now to the Report Service

All the details of the S&P500 Trading System are explained to the Subscribers. I send a Trading System New Signal Alert via email in advance, with the details of when to open the position, where to set the stop-loss, and when to take the profit.
The S&P500 Trading System is available to the Weekly Report subscribers too. Hence, in addition to the regular deep analysis you receive on a weekly basis about all the markets we cover, you have also the S&P500 Trading System included, with a reduced price of 65 Euro per month (or even less if you decide to Subscribe to the Trimestral or Annual Weekly Report plan). I consider the 65 Euro offer very convenient!

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