Trades Record of the week: July 18-22

I post here the trades record of the entire previous week, with Realized & Unrealized Profit/Loss Summary. These are real-time trades, following precisely and mechanically the strategy of our Daily Report Service. I say mechanically because the trades placed in intraday were almost all filled through an automated code. More details during the next weeks, and if everything goes well, the code will be available to the Subscribers from September 2022.

The strategy trades with Futures, not CFDs or similars. The Realized & Unrealized Profit/Loss of the week is +9.260,36 USD. We have traded four markets, with at most two contracts per market (we were LONG with three contracts with Gold, at some point, but stopped out using a tight stop-loss in overnight).

Trades Report – July 18-22, 2022

The result of the trades already closed is -205.00 USD, but on Friday, the trades still open were largely in profit, with Gold (LONG), E-Mini S&P500 (SHORT), and Corn (SHORT), as you can see in the Open Positions statement of the week, here below.

Realized & Unrealized Performance + Open Positions

In the Open Positions section, here above, you can see that we were SHORT with the S&P500, from 3.989,00 Futures Points (September Contract). Look at where the S&P500 went then.

I love Activity Repots like this, there is a lot to say about them. For example, you see I have much more trades in loss than the ones in profit, think about it! It is an important part of my strategy. As I said, we will get into more details during the next weeks.

All these trades were planned in advance, every day, before the opening of the US Daily Sessions. All my Daily Report Service Subscribers receive the same strategy. I do it since years. In 2013, I wrote a PDF e-book “How to Trade to Make Profits” where I was showing the same strategy, working for 3 months and following the same strategy of my Reports: the result was a profit of about 24K, starting with 40K. If you do not have that e-book, you can contact me at, or sign-up for free to my Newsletters.

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