Trades Record of the Week: October 17-28, 2022

What an October! Choppiness and high volatility are not helping us to make smooth profits. I consider the actual market a very hard market to deal with. I had to slow down, taking intermediate profits, and also some losses. Our performance has slowed down, but I consider myself still quite “lucky” to have not hurt my portfolio during the past weeks.

I was expecting one more down leg in the S&P500 before the rebound, but I was wrong about it during the last two weeks of the month, which made me take a loss of about 3,900 USD; the choppiness was a nightmare; however, you can see that we ended October with an open LONG position, in profit of 4,500 USD.

Realized / Unrealized Performance Summary & Open Positions

In the next Activity Statement, we can see the Realized (already closed) performance and the Unrealized (still open) performance of trading during the last two weeks of October 2022. The last column shows the Total between Realized and Unrealized. In the end, I was not able to create a consistently positive result, and it is good to show that we cannot always make good profits, sometimes conditions are not as expected, and we work to preserve the capital.


October 17-28, 2022 – Trading Performance Statement

In the end, we end up with a total performance of 1,723.55 USD of profit during the last two weeks of October.

Trades Record

Looking at the Trades Record Statement, we evidently see that I have accepted a risk that I did not have to: we see a loss of 2,554.30 USD; We see we have traded also the Micro E-mini Contract, which I use for taking some profits opening a position against the E-mini once in profit.

October 17-28, 2022 – Trades Record Statement

Performance From July 18, 2022, to October 28, 2022

The next Statement shows the performance since we started trading this account. We see a Total of +36,654.90 USD. At the end of September, we were at +32,214.00 USD, so, as I said, our performance has slowed down, but still in profit. Hey, October, was really tough, I am telling you!

July 18, 2022 / October 28, 2022 – Trading Performance Statement

All the Trades are planned in advance, following our Daily and Weekly Reports, where we share our analysis and strategy.

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