2021 Gold Forecast Model – How did it go?

The 2022 Gold Forecast Model is ready, and we are looking forward to follow the trends and swings that our model forecast suggests. Will it work succesfully? We hope so! In the mean time, we look at how the 2021 Gold Forecast Model worked

We cannot really state that Gold, in 2021, has been a wonderful, exciting market! For most of the year, we have just seen a sideways pattern, quite boring.

The price movement of Gold until May was great, and our forecast model did an exceptional job. From May, we saw a two-week up push that my Forecast Model did not forecast correctly, but then it was good to see the pullback in June, establishing the right direction according to the PFS Forecast Model. Then, from the end o June unitl now, simply nothing happened! Just a sideways and boring trading range.


I have complained a lot during the last months, blaiming my Forecast Model, but in the end, I was wrong! The Forecast Model kept doing a nice job, despite the sideways movement of Gold. The big problem was the lack of trends.

Looking at the 2021 Forecast Model, I cannot really say that it was a disaster. I think it did what it could do, in a situation where the sideways pattern is never easy to forecast because there are no clear trends to follow. However, we can see that the 2021 Gold PFS Forecast Model did very well in forecasting the Low in June and the up push until the first of August. It did also forecast the quick drop and fast recover of August. At the beginning of the year, I also said that the 2021 Forecast Model did forecast a negative year for Gold, while most of the people were expecting a boom in the Gold Market.


What about the 2022 Gold PFS Forecast Model?

The 2022 Gold Forecast has a clear path for the 2022 Gold price. We cannot say that it will be right for sure, in the end, but we know that most of the times, during the last years, it has been correct. You can see how the Gold Forecast Model has worked in the last years, from 2015 to 2020 (Post written about one year ago).

The 2022 Gold PFS Forecast Model is available, included to any service we provide. If you are not interested to any other service, you can order the 2022 Gold Forecast Model for 99 Euro with included a 1-month subscription to the Daily Report Service (without any automatic subscription renewal). 

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