Back from Holiday, new good trade

Leaving a wonderful sea to get back to the office, that’s always a little frustrating. Sure, we like Trading, but if we prefer doing Trading than spending a good time with family in a great place like Sardinia, with such a wonderful sea… probably we have a problem! LOL

I mean, I prefer this…

Me and my daughter – Sardinia 2022

Than this…

Random Chart (Wheat)

So, what’s the best way to get back to work? Easy, we need a good trade! Here we go, a SHORT position opened on September 9, 2022, with the S&P500 Futures.

Activity Statement – From August 1 to September 16

And here it is, with the only trade I took when I get back to my office (I left you with the July 25-29 Statement; here is the one from August 1 to September 16, with few trades as I was with my family, and then I had to work on my next project). As you remember, I showed the last Activity Statement where we were LONG with two contracts. That’s why you see those trades where I closed the LONGs at 4130 and 4157 points. You also see a stopped position with Soybeans (ZS), at 1488; we are supposed to be SHORT again, but I did not take that trade personally as I was working on something else.

I did open a SHORT position in the S&P500 to ride the drop I was expecting to see, so far so good. Since mid-July, without any high exposition, we are seeing a fair profit of 30.000 USD.

Tomorrow, my next project gets available – The Code

Tomorrow is a big day for my Service, at least for what I can offer to help people in learning and practicing the activity of Trading. I have been working on how to use a Code to immensely simplify the work of those who want to follow my work but cannot do it due to lack of time, or simply because they do not want to stick in front of the PC. I personally use this Code, and it is a blessing thing, in my opinion. If I had to spend 8 hours per day stuck to the monitors, now I just need to do it for about 30 minutes, and sometimes, not even 5 minutes, I just set up my Code, and it does the work for me. I have much more free time to spend with my family and study the market, instead of consuming myself to watch the intraday bars. You may like trading intraday, but after years, it consumes you.

Tomorrow, I will share with you all the details of this new Service. Let me just say that it will work with the Multicharts software (Code written in Powerlanguage), and it does most of the work, but not all the work, of course. My trading approach remains discretionary, and my everyday analysis is fundamental to making it work.

See you tomorrow with the details of this new great challenge!

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