I do not believe in this crash, and I cannot believe that the Coronavirus is the real cause of it. I may be wrong, I know. We will see…

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I have found a document from the 1969, and I want to share it with you. It is unbelievable how the media were saying, 50 years ago, the same things we are saying now about the Coronavirus. 50 years ago, that flu had a different name, H3N2, and people were not in panic at all despite that virus seemed to be more aggressive than the Coronavirus. This document is from the Istituto Luce, an Italian corporation involved to produce and distribute films and documentaries since 1920s, in Italy. Most of you will not be able to understand the video because it is in Italian. This is a document filmed 50 years ago that covers the flu of the 1969, arrived from Hong Kong. However, you can read the webpage of the links here below, using the translator you should have in your browser.


Can the Coronavirus destroy the economy of the entrie world?

This document supports my theory that the Coronavirus is just an excuse to create panic and sell news, papers… and the instability of the Markets has no reason to exist. I told you, I may be wrong, but I do not see how this virus can stop the entire economy of the world, unless there is really someone that wants to create chaos. I am not smart enough to know if this is a conspiracy or whatever, I do not even want to think about it. For my little purpose, if the Coronavirus must be the real cause of a new recession, I just do not believe it at all (read also: Panic or no Panic article.

Read the following articles (I put several links that talk about this video from the Istituto Luce), they are so actual. You could use the same filmed document during the last week, no one would understand that it was played 50 years ago (maybe in color, because that Video is still in black & white, of course).

If you have an Italian friend, ask him/her to translate it for you.


Here the links:





Here is more about the 1968 flu pandemic, from Wikipedia:


I thought that you may find this interesting. Then, of course, we do not have to undervalue the Coronavirus, which can still create troubles, above all to people with a low immunitary defences. I just want that you do not fall in the hysteria that seems to be sorrunding us.


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