Dear Readers,

I know, usually, I do not reach you in these arrogant terms, but I’d like to know if, in 2020, there has been anyone in the world that has been able to make a better S&P500 or Stock Market forecast than mine.

I suggest you read this post, you are going to have fun, it will take one minute.

First, I want to share with you the 2020 S&P500 Forecast I made one year in advance and provided in December 2019 to the 2020 S&P500 Annual Bulletin’s subscribers. In the following chart, you see my Forecast Model compared to the 2020 S&P500 real market (you see two lines but they are part of the same system, moving with similar trends most of the time).


2020 S&P500 Forecast VS Reality
2020 S&P500 Forecast VS Reality

We can appreciate how the forecast model has been able to forecast the Low of the year at the day, and the High of the year in December 2020 (year not finished yet).
Yes, 2020 has been a terrible year for all the reasons we know, but not for my work!

You can download all my original 2020 Bulletins and Updates, and also my proprietary PFS forecast model in Excel, using the Dropbox folder I have created for this purpose. You will see that in the 2020 S&P500 Annual Bulletin, I did forecast the drop from January to March, up to the beginning of September, down to October, and up to November. Do I have to add more? Ok.

Considering you may find it incredible, and if you have not bought my 2020 Bulletins you surely doubt I could really do it, I kindly suggest you look at:

I cannot cheat on Linkedin Comment!

Do I have to show you more to prove that I may be the best S&P500 forecaster in the world? I am not that arrogant, trust me, but I hope you can recognize the great work I have been able to do. Maybe, you think that I was just lucky… Ok…

In this case, I made available for you all my 2019 and 2020 Bulletins, with the specific Updates I made during these two years. Then, judge by yourself. Look at the March 31, 2020 Update I did for Cottonย when I said that it may be the Low; Cotton did the Low of the year right the day after and the up!

Summing up, I do really think that I am, or at least I have been the best 2020 S&P500 forecaster in the world… but you know what? I did great in 2019 too LOL! Download the 2019 S&P500 Updates from the link, and you will see that I have not failed a call after January 15, 2019. So, maybe I am just the best :p. I am joking a little, but I am serious and I believe in what I say! The proof is in the pudding! And I know very well what the forecasts of the supposed “Gurus” out there were, and no one did the job I have done, with a forecast in advance.

My Annual Bulletins are available for:

Judge by yourself, that’s all I ask ๐Ÿ™‚


  • AJD

    The Hovis Trader is pretty damn accurate too – He’s posted forecasts for years ahead, although he doesn’t sell anything – but a regular trader has also cracked the markets too – He called the 2018 low and the Feb 2020 well in advance
    He called the Aug 2015 plunge months in advance, uses Gann apparently but not on a composite basis like you seem to

    • Daniele Prandelli

      Thanks for sharing, I did not know him, I will check it out. However, no composite cycles or sum of sinusoidal for me too, I do not trust it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Werner Besson

    Dear AJD,
    could you kindly let me know where it is possible to read the forecasts you mentioned? Thank you so much.

    • Daniele Prandelli

      Hi Werner,
      thank you for your interest in my work.
      With this post, I have shared many links where you can download the forecasts mentioned, or visiting the LinkedIn links where I made those forecasts. If you are talking about the forecasts for the actual markets, those are available to the Subscribers of the 2021 Bulletins, or to the Daily and Weekly Report services.
      For any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks.

  • Sriram Ramanathan

    Daniele – I am interested in your work. Why are there 2 lines above rather than 1? What does each line signify?

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