Recent discoveries allowed me to follow the uptrend since January, and made me tell you that the S&P500 may take a pause, giving you the right exact day

On April 10, I said here: Maybe, we are getting in a time where we have to say “bye” to the uptrend for a while (it is better we say “see you“). Yes, the second half of April seems to be still a bit bullish… but at certain point, you know, the pullback will come. April 10 Post

On April 30, I said here:I believe that April 30 (+/- 1 day) should be an important timing; I call it a short-term decider. It is also evident how the US Stock Market has reached new Highs, for example with the NASDAQ100 or the S&P500. It is a strong signal to be able read the Market and plan an important strategy for future profits. April 30 Post

Hence, you understand I was calling for a pause of the uptrend, after the second half of April, plus, on April 30, I told you that April 30 (+/-) should be an important timing. I am giving you the proof, again, of how my studies have become reliable.

S&P500 perfect timing to call the top of May 1, 2019

What’s Next?

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Here is available the Statement of April with the CFD account; I have closed this month in profit, fourth month in a row, but this time the performance was not big. I suffered the down movement of grains, cutting some losses. I made a few mistakes in the last weeks, also because I used probably a too high exposition… I still have to get use to trade CFDs.

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