What I am going to tell you is the best call and the best trade of the year (so far). We bought exactly at the Low, and then BOOM! Corn, Soybeans and Wheat started, on May 13, a new strong up push, and that was exactly the day we opened our LONG positions.

For the people who follow my work, they know how my calls have improved in the last months. We have been able to call the High of S&P500 (and the pullback should be over now), I called for the fall of Cotton and Live Cattle, or I said to wait for May 28 to buy Gold. I know you do not believe it, I am sure of that, but there are about 40 subscribers who can testify it. About the S&P500, I said that even in the public Post, so, no way I could cheat. 

Now, I am working to open LONG positions with Crude Oil… we will see if I am still right.

However, one of the best, or probably the best trade of the year, so far, has been the one in the Grains Market. Believe it or not, but I said to wait exactly for mid-May before to buy, and we opened the LONG position with Corn and Wheat exactly at the Low.

Download here the May 14, 2019 Grains Weekly Report (in PDF) that I have sent out to my Subscribers.

If you do not follow these Markets, and you are wondering what happened after I sent out my Weekly Report, look at these charts:

Corn 2019 May Uptrend
Corn effect after May 13
Soybeans May 2019 uptrend
Soybeans effect after May 13
Wheat effect after May 13

Facts, and not words. I may be wrong, it happens, even if the word “wrong” is not the correct one.

See you in a few days with my Statement from the CFD account: I ended the month of May with a very sad +11.26% performance… 😉

On June 20, I will re-open the subscription to my Daily and Weekly Reports at the Special Price, for one week.

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