I said: No Time to… Buy

I usually do not provide specific analyses or scenarios in my Posts because I find it unfair to those who pay the Subscription to get that information. However, on June 8, I made an exception: I wrote that I was waiting for a few days before to SHORT the S&P500 Futures under 4070 points. You can read that post right here: https://iaminwallstreet.com/new-uptrend-after-the-bounce-i-have-doubts-about-it/

I also said that I would have not been surprised to see the S&P500 moving under the May 2022 Low, because from my point of view, that Low was not a significant one. Was I right or wrong? The proof is in the… chart!

S&P500 Index – Daily Bar Chart

Our S&P500 Trading Performance since 2012 is now accelerating up, thanks to the good calls and strategies of the last 10 months, a glorious period:

2012-2022 S&P500 Trading Strategy Performance

What’s Next

As I said before, it is not fair that I post my strategy and favorite scenario, while there are people who pay for that (Subscription price list here). Hence, I will provide just a general path. The actual phase of weakness should end soon, I mean within the next two weeks. I would prefer to see the S&P500 a bit down again, before the next upswing. Big eyes on area 4000 points to confirm the next scenario (the price is always right, not the forecast, hence, rely on the price first of all). We should see a new upswing, followed by a new drop then. That second drop should become a good buying opportunity. In the last 10 days of July, there is a big Key Date that should help us reading the Market, for hopefully set a strategy with new good profits.

Single 2022 Bulletins: now 35% OFF

July is here, and as I do every year, I have dropped the price of the Annual Bulletins (35% OFF). Here is the link for the 2022 Annual Bulletins: https://iaminwallstreet.com/price-list-of-our-trading-services-forecast-analysis/#bulletins-pricing

If you want to know more about what an Annual Bulletin is, please follow these links:

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